Thursday, 31 March 2016


A. Discuss the following questions with a partner:
1 - Are you optimistic or pessimistic about the future? Justify your answer.

2 - Do you think mankind will ever discover a cure for cancer?

3 - Will human beings be free from diseases in the future? Why (not)?

4 - What would a city like New York look like if all of its inhabitants had to evacuate it in a hurry?

5 - What would you do if you and your best friend could be alone in New York for a week, without any other inhabitants around? Would you enjoy this experience? What would you do there?

Now imagine that NY City had to be completely evacuated because of a very destructive virus. Check what you believe would happen to NY if such situation did happen.

( ) The streets would become extremely filthy.

( ) People would abandon their cars everywhere. 

( ) Wild animals would escape from the zoo to look for food around the city. 

( ) Animals would take control of the city. 

( ) Some people would hide in the buildings to steal stores and banks. 

( ) Life in NY would become a complete chaos. 

( ) Power would go off. 

( ) People wouldn't drive their cars because of the lack of gas.

( ) Buildings would be destroyed by the angry population. 

Now watch the movie segment and pretend you are the main character in the movie, the one played by Will Smith. Imagine that you could have warned Dr. Alice Krippin about the consequences of her unfortunate discovery. Tell her what will have happened to NY within three years from now (by the year 2012) if she tests her discovery on human beings.


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