Wednesday, 25 March 2015



1. Identical twins start out as a __________ accident.
2. A single developing embryo splits to form two _________ people, so it´s not surprising, since they started out as one person, that they are so much __________.
3. Next to their older brother Taylor, you´d think they were three brothers of different ______.
4. It´s not fair, but one twin often gets the lion´s _______of nutrition.
5. Louisville University have been studying twins for over ______ years.
6. The basic bulding blocks are _________, personality and temperament.
7. The speaker´s single factor in determining intelligence is in our _______, but environmental influences such as food, education and most of all parents, can have important __________ ot stunting effects.
8. Intelligence is like ____________, without proper stimulation they´ll never reach full genetic potential, but equally if you are already there, you probably won´t go much higher.
9. Best prediction can be made on the ________of how far mother and father went to school.
10. You can´t make children __________ than they are programmed to be.